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Real Estate

With our Real Estate plan your dream home is here. Now You have more opportunity to list or find a home to buy or to rent anywhere in the world much easier.

Buy & Sell Globally

With Shopglobally you have opportunity to sell and buy, book bookable products, & anything you might need globally and have them ship right to your door.

Book Hotel & Flights

With our booking plan you have opportunity to book flights, Hotels, and cruises for cheap.

All Event Tickets

With our event tickets you have opportunity to sell & buy your event tickets

Buy & Sell Locally

With Buy & Sell Locally you have opportunity to buy & sell anything with your neighbor

ShoppySafe Products

With ShoppySafe products you have opportunity to buy our brand products, manufactured from our brand.

Find Freelancers

With Find Freelancers you have opportunity to post your jobs and find any type of freelancers for your project for less than $10.

Car for You

With Car for you, you have opportunity to buy, sell and rent any type of car you want for less.


With ShoppyPrint we do online printing. Design your own t-shirt and more thing for less & have them mail to your house.

A lot of

Shoppysafe is making sure  that you see things differently when is about to open your own business. We have a lot of opportunities for you to choose and to get starting. Pick one and start the one that match your bossiness idea. Find more Opportunities , it here.

  • Pick a service you desire
  • Buy & sell globally
  • Buy & sell with your neighbor
  • Buy & sell your event tickets
  • Book your flights & hotels
  • Find Freelancers for your jobs
  • Find your dream car
  • Find your dream home
  • Print your own design on your products
  • Get ShoppySafe Products
  • Post your blog for free
  • Fulfill your oder as you wish
  • Growth your trends and your profit
  • Track and enjoy your sales

Full Control of your brand and your store

Creating store with Shoppysafe is very simple and you will have a full control of your stores. Don’t worry, by creating one account you will have access to all our other services. Take your time to take a tour to visit our  services with no monthly fees. 

Power your brand is our field

Start Creating to Day

ShoppySafe is here to Power any type of business in our field with no exceptions
ShoppySafe is here to help small or big businesses, beginner, and anyone out there who have exceptional ideas to get their business started and make a profit

Just Start! You do not need any skill


We will handle the rest

Grow your store , your business, and your profit like you never been before 

Buy GOODS Safely

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